Clean Out That Closet!

by Nancy Walls

You really can't become the fashionista you want to be without . . .cleaning out your closet. I can hear the moans already. But honestly - it can be done quite quickly and painlessly using these tips. ( I promise!) When we've finished, you will know what shapes and colors are most flattering to your body type, so you will only have to do twice yearly closet maintenance and not the full on cleansing. It is likely to take a few hours so choose a cleaning time when you know you will not be interrupted. My best advice is to recruit your best friend; you know the one who will tell you if spinach is between your teeth or why the color yellow is not your color. She will now be the ultimate 3-way mirror minus that horrible department store lighting! Once you have those elements you are ready. Okay, let's get started.

Begin by emptying everything out of your closet and determining your discard piles. For example, you may have piles called the give away pile, also known as "what was I thinking?", the throw out pile, better known as the I-am-never going-to-take-this-to-the-tailors-to-have-the-zipper-fixed or the I need to think about it pile. When all is emptied out and your piles are set, it's time to start trying on. Have your friend tell you if the color looks wrong or right, if the shape is pulling around your middle or if it is the best thing she's ever seen you in. Once you determine which pile the garment belongs, move to the next grouping until you have done your entire wardrobe. By the time you have finished you and your best friend will have laughed and in some cases cried, but you will have a great base on which to build your spring wardrobe.

If you want to clean out your closet but don't have a near by friend, consider hiring a wardrobe consultant. They will come in to your home and do the same thing for a consultant fee which generally runs around $50 per hour with a four hour minimum. Ask at your favorite department or specialty store who they would recommend. If you are not sure you are up for the task and need a little inspiration first, then I suggest reading, Does This Make Me Look Fat? by Leah Feldon. This book covers every topic from which stripes look best on which figures to how to clean that white linen blouse. It's a perfect handbook for fashionistas everywhere.

Make sure that you also include shoes in the cleaning process. Look for torn heels and worn out soles. If your local shoe repair store puts the closed sign up when he sees you coming then maybe it's time to replace those shoes instead of repairing them!

See, that wasn't so bad was it? The best part is that now you have a valid excuse to go shopping!