What Do Women Want?

Results From's Dream Shoe Survey
By Nieisha Deed
August 13,2001

            What do women want?   Many have pondered over and tried to answer this age-old question. Although we can't share with you everything that women want, we can tell you what types of shoes they prefer. Women want open toed, feminine, black leather shoes with a medium heel height of 2 - 2.5 inches.

            When trends change in the shoe fashion industry we would like to change with it. When chunky shoes were "in" they were on our shelf, but now in 2001 women want different styles. They have decided "out" with the chunky heels and "in" with a more feminine looking shoe. Who wants something that looks manly? Any women with a size 12 medium foot can go into a men's' shoe store for that. survey data shows that women prefer open toed, 2-2.5 feminine heel black casual shoes. Basic black never goes out of style.

            For a casual shoe the #1 material was leather which took 75% of the respondents' votes, skyrocketingover the 10% of the respondents who wanted the stretch fabric. Although 17% preferred silk or peau de soie, hardly any liked the croco print. What's up with that! Once again basic wins over exotic.

            For a career shoe, many women think that it's inappropriate to show ones toes and this was evident within our data. 30% of women preferred closed toe and square toe while only 15% wanted open toe, a dramatic drop from the 48% who had preferred open toe for a casual shoe. But the most surprising category of all would have to be the toe shape in which 38% of all the respondents did not answer which bring us to the conclusion that the women surveyed could not decide which style they liked the best and is waiting to see what styles are coming to stores in the fall. Even though basic black is a preference for work shoe brown was in the top three choices for a shoe color.

            Dressy evening style was the last category that we surveyed.  Although open toed is liked for casual styles, closed and pointed toes proved to be a much better toe shape for dressy evening styles. We have also found that women like to have a 3 inch heel for an evening shoe which is a higher heel than a casual shoe.  This proves that women believe a high heel makes for a more feminine shoe. And for the color of the shoe, well that's simple . black, but red and leopard print came in second and third confirming that some women tend to be more extravagant when going out. Go ahead ladies!

What happens  when the women are asked what type of shoe would they want if they could own only one pair of shoes?  Over 45% or the women were indecisive on this question and chose not to answer.  But the ones who did picked an open toed, slip-on, black shoe with a 2-2.5 inch heel; appropriate to wear to work or to a dressy event.

If you don't agree with the results and want to put your two cents in about shoe trends, we would like  to hear from you. Please log onto our website at and check out our "first in the universe virtual trunk show" or call us at  888-371-SHOE and let us know what type of shoe you want because when our customers talk we listen.

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