Currency: Collects Stories of Women Leaving a Larger Footprint

Nyree Roberts:  Nyree loves basketball and fashion and not necessarily in that order. This Cinderella knows basketball shoes don't make it on the Saturday night scene no matter how many points they may score on the court!

Nyree taking the world of basketball by storm.

Nyree Roberts


Gwen Leathers:  It's not easy to leap out into a whole new life, but Gwen Leathers found the courage to go after her destiny as a jazz singer and professor at Berkeley College of Music.

When she was younger, Gwen hid her feet but now she has to be out, public and on stage.

Gwen Leathers


Barbara Thornton:  What's an empty nester to do when the little chicks have flown the coop? Just ask the Shoe Lady, Barbara Thornton!

A one time complaint at an MBA graduation party turned into a successful shoe business for women who leave a larger foot print.

Barbara Thornton


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