About Us- Fashion Shoes for Women Who Leave a Larger Footprint

We know that the size of a woman's feet has nothing to do with her sense of style. We are devoted to finding brands that offer the elegance, excitement and romance of footwear fashion, in the wide, extra wide, narrow and large sizes so many of us need but can not find in shoe stores. We believe women want shoes that look great and feel just as good. We believe that women should not have to shop in the men's department for shoes that fit. We believe women should not have to squish their toes into pumps two sizes too small. We believe women should have shoes that are wide enough for their feet so they don't have to buy shoes three sizes too long to get the shoes on. We only offer brands that go, at minimum, to size 12.


We see this as both a promise to our customers and a political position in the women's fashion shoe industry.We are dedicated to nurturing relationships with shoe companies, encouraging them to better understand the huge and growing number of women who need these sizes.  We estimate over 60% of women in the USA can not find their correct size in regular shoe stores.  If manufacturers make the shoes, we believe you will buy them.  We want to find those manufacturers who will make your hard to find and plus size shoes and make their styles available for you.  We want to maintain a selection of styles and sizes that is "haute", spicy and sure to please!  We want to be your favorite shoe shop.


Our mission is to offer trendy, stylish and sophisticated shoes in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide, sizes 4 to 15.


To all of you, from all of us at - Thank you!


Barbara Thornton
Founder & President,