MISSION STATEMENT:  Offer a Greater Choice in Women's Shoe Styles for Larger and Wider Feet

Our mission is to offer trendy, stylish and sophisticated shoes in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide, sizes 4 to 15 and widths AAA (slim) to WW (extra wide). knows that shoe size has nothing to do with a woman's sense of style. Women who need larger shoe sizes, extra wide shoe widths, those "plus sizes" that aren't carried in regular shoe departments are made to feel inferior.  We've seen women select sizes that are available in regular shoe stores but hurt and damage their feet.  And we've seen women blossom with happiness when they discover their correct shoe size and find stylish shoes to fit their feet.  We want women to understand their feet, the best shoe sizes for their feet and to find at a curated collection of stylish and comfortable shoes that fit.

We believe women want shoes that look great and feel just as good. Women who need larger, wider, smaller or narrower shoes want the same kinds of styles available to a woman who wears an 8 Medium. We are in this business to serve women who need hard to find shoe sizes. We don't want these young women who are basketball, volleyball or crew stars to ruin their feet when they get dressed for the prom. Nor do we want them to have to shop for their prom shoes in the men's department.  (Yes.  They do.) will never even carry a style unless it comes at least to size 12 . We see our emphasis on bringing larger and wider sizes to market as both a promise to our customers and a political position in the women's fashion shoe industry.  We are dedicated to nurturing relationships with shoe companies in order to maintain a selection that is "haute", spicy and sure to please!