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Boston Globe, November, 2006     shartin-11-12-06
Between 2000 and 2005, US footwear sales rose 19 percent to about $49 billion.
What's there not to love about providing women with larger sized shoes?

Chicago Tribune, March, 2006
MSNBC, January, 2006
iVillage, October, 2005 
Charleston Post - Courier, May 15, 2005

Footwear News, May 10, 2005  
Thornton Launches Forgotten Soles Shoe Brand, Sizes 11 to 15
Retailer Launches Large Sizes Line

The Chicago Tribune, March 20, 2005      bradley-3-21-05
Thousands of women like Thornton have hobbled through life in too- tiny shoes, unaware
Women's Niche Shoe Retailers Expect More Big-Foot Sightings

The Arizona Republic, The Post-Standard, The Chronicle Herald, March 01, 2005
Boston Globe, December 12, 2004, December 5, 2004

Teen Vogue, November 2004

Teen Ballerina Buys Her Size 12 Shoes at
Teen Ballerina Wears Size 12 Shoes

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, November 25, 2004
Richmond Times-Dispatch, November 21, 2004
Press-Enterprise, November 20, 2004
Modesto Bee, November 19, 2004
Orange County Register, November 17, 2004
Sacramento Bee, November 10, 2004
The Boston Herald, September 2, 2004
The Boston Globe, August 1, 2004
The Tampa Tribune, July 30, 2004

The Wall Street Journal, July 27, 2004   chasan/7-27-04
Wall Street Journal Asks Why Are Women's Feet Growing Bigger- Title IX?
Retailers Caught Flat Footed by Growth of Women's Feet

WBIXBoston, July 2004
CNNMoney, July 6, 2004
The Boston Herald, May 27, 2004

The Chicago Tribune, July 12, 2003    osterman-7-12-03
Women's Feet Growing Larger- Size 9 is AVERAGE. But most manufacturers don't make above size 10.
Big-Shoe Shoppers in a Bind

The Boston Globe, March 27, 2003   cassidy-3-27-03
A Third of US Women Can't Find Their Shoe Size In Regular Shoe Stores So Entered Market
Sizing Up a Fashion Need


The Boston Globe, February 27, 2003
The East Valley Tribune, March 6, 2003

FootwearPlus, December 2002
"Sorry, we don't have your size" - Not True at
(Shoe) Size DOES Matter to Women

FootwearNews, July 2002
Rosie Magazine, July 2002,May 2002        howard-5-10-02
Stores Don't Carry Hard To Find Size Shoes

InStyle Magazine, April 2002
InSTYLE Magazine Features Stylish Size 13 Women's Shoes

Boston Globe, September 2001
InStyle Magazine,May 2001
Cyber Shoe Retailer of the Year Award, January 2000
InStyle Magazine,May 1999
Mass High Tech,January 18-24, 1999
Boston Business Journal,November 20-26, 1998
Banker & Tradesman,May 1998
Harvard Business School Bulletin, April 1998
Boston Business Journal, September 19-25, 1997
Boston Globe Living/Arts,October 22, 1997