From happy customers from all walks of life, all over the globe to!


Thank you so much for being you. I cannot tell you what a gift it was to land on your website, after a lifetime of searching for shoes in my size that don't resemble some sort of orthopedic therapy shoe. Reading your story in thenews clipping was inspiring as well -- and to think, you took on this venture with only a size 11 1/2 foot! I played basketball at Brown, and all my old teammates were alerted immediately of your resource. Now I can buy quality, fashionable shoes -- it's so exciting!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for caring enough to dedicate your business to the needs of women with large sized feet. I am 5'10" with a size 12M foot. I love shoes... Nothing is worse than trying to go purchase fashionable shoes and being told a.) We no longer carry your size, b.) being shown shoes I wouldn't allow my grandmother to wear c.) we only order a limited (number) all of which have been sold. I look forward to .... purchasing shoes I can be proud of. You have provided me with hope for the future and for that I thank you. You can be sure that I will spread the news to women like myself. Once again THANK YOU!!!!!!

Finally, this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. You have the best brands and best selection of larger women's shoes that I have seen. I am an 11.5 who is finally coming out of the fantasy. Maybe my feet are still growing at 28 years, or maybe I am no longer willing to settle for shoes that don't fit.... Keep up the good work, I will be visiting often!!!Thank you!

Thank you, are a God send!!! I like the styles you carry and I'm very impressed with your company! I'm glad to know that someone else has the larger feet women in mind. Thanks again for everything,

I think that this site is wonderful. I cannot tell you how many times I have been let down by sites that claim to sell shoes in my size and when I look at them, they are either ugly or there are no size 14 at all.

Thank you! It's good to know that there are other footwear "misfits" out there. If I ever get to the Boston area I'll be sure to stop by... the thought of seeing a whole group of shoes that might actually fit my 10.5 4A feet is enough to make me drool!
-AAAA Alisa

I'm speechless. My 14-year-old 6" daughter has a real big dilemma until I searched the web and found you. Ashley, a basketball player has in the last year decided to become a young lady....Her biggest problem has been finding shoes. She wears a 13 medium...the nearest shoe store is ... about 90 miles away. The only problem is that they don't carry stylish shoes. This makes her want to go back to jeans and tennis shoes. Thanks for advertising. You guys have saved us both.
-a Delighted Mom in Tulsa

I just wanted to comment on the exemplary customer service that your representatives provide.  I've been a customer since the first days of the Newbury Street store. I've done some shopping on the website, but I would usually check the website for styles and head to the store to try shoes on.  I've brought friends and family from all over the country and the world into the Newbury Street store.

Since the store is no longer there, I found that I really needed to have the heel height indicated on the shoe ads to see of the style and height were appropriate.  I contacted your customer service department and explained how important having the heel height noted on the description is to women of my height/age/weight.  Almost immediately I noticed that on every ad that I've checked the heel height is indicated.  I've just begun to select shoes for the summer/vacation season, but I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the responsiveness to my comment.  It has made a difference to me and I've gotten comments from all of the folks that I've referred to your site.

Thanks for being just great listeners and such active customer service folks!  I will continue to refer family and friends knowing that you stand behind your products and your service.  Bravo!
LW, a New Englander

My order arrived today in excellent condition, and I just wanted to email you to say THANKS! Everything fits just great, and the shoes are even better looking in real life than on the website (although you have excellent photo's)! I can't say how happy I am because I didn't think it was possible buying shoes over the internet, but measuring my feet a couple times apparently has proven to work our *perfect*. Again, I am too happy with these great and badly needed additions - it is SO hard to find nice looking shoes in big sizes over here. I just love you guys! Perfect!

Kind regards from the Netherlands, and till soon.

My daughter is 6' 4". She is now 23 but all her life has had very large feet. She wore a women's size 10 at 6 years old! In high school she wore a size 15. Most of the time we just bought her sneakers or men's shoes. We were forced to buy her good, men's, leather slippers for her orchestra performance at 12 because they were the only thing that resembled a black flat. Trips to the shoe store ended in tears most of her life. While all the other little girls wore cute sandals or pretty shoes, she wore Doc Martins or "Michael Jordan" specials. Our hearts broke for her not to have the Little Mermaid sneakers and jelly shoes.

I finally found Designer and we found the cutest sandals! I bought her 2 pairs in different colors. I am back to buy more! She finally has girly sandals! I am so sorry I didn't have you when she was in school, but thank God for you! There are hundreds of girls in the same situation but most designers cater to under size 9! You have beautiful shoes for beautiful young ladies that cast a much longer shadow!

 Thank you!


Why is it that the stores believe that if your shoe size is greater than the number 10, you either do not deserve to wear shoes or else they should be ugly as a punishment for having large feet

I am tired of wearing the oldest shoes because when I go into stores they do not carry my size or I have to search through 1,000,001 size 6 to find 1 size 12 that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!

I have been shopping around on the web for about 2 weeks now.  I was so excited to find such a large variety, I had shopping baskets on three different sites!  I finally calmed down enough to realize that I did not need to go on a shoe spree and settled for 3 pairs on your site.  Need to come back to look for a black sandal for my South Beach trip!!!!!!!!!

Good Looking out for us women of large feet!

Hi, I just wanted to write and say how delighted I am with my purchase!! The shoes are lovely, well made, and less than two thirds the cost of a similar pair here in Australia (even with the postage included!) Thank you too for the rapid postage. I am a customer for life.
Queensland Australia