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At we LOVE our international customers! We know how hard it is to find wide sizes and longer sizes in stylish shoes. has the best collection in the world of fashion shoes in larger and wider hard-to-find shoe sizes.  We do want you as a customer!  We hope your shopping experience is informational, efficient, and above all FUN! Here are some tips for our International Shoppers to make things a bit easier.

Finding Shoes that Fit

Click here to find your size. Size Chart  The chart includes information on translating your foot's measurements in centimeters or inches to the proper size in US shoe sizing. It also includes a comparison of women's US shoe sizes to men's US shoe sizes and to UK and Euro sizes.  Click here to find out more about selecting shoes for longer feet or for wider feet.

*Note on sizing: uses US sizing. The US uses "width" measures, as well as "length" for shoes. "AAAA" is the narrowest width, also known as SS for extra slim. "M" is medium width, also known as C. "WW" is extra wide width, also known as EW, E, EE or EEE. From narrowest to widest the widths are: AAAA, AAA, N (or AA), M, W, WW. The difference from one width to the next wider or narrower width is roughly 0.25 inches around the circumference of the ball of the foot. Width measurements are notoriously unreliable because they vary so much according to the shoe style and according to whether the manufacturer has added a wider sole or added more material on the top.

Ordering Process has the best collection in the world of fashion shoes in larger and wider hard-to-find shoe sizes, over 60 sizes and widths.  We do want you as a customer!  If you have any questions, please email us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

International Customers can complete their order on line, pay by their preferred eligible credit card, pay through Paypal, and use our shipping method or request their own.  For multiple pair orders, we accumulate the shoes to ship together in order to save the customer shipping costs, unless the customer requests that we ship them as available (a significantly more expensive option).

New International Customers who use a credit card that is recognized in the USA can complete their orders on line.  If there is a problem processing the credit card, we will send an email within two business days.  If we can not resolve the problem, we can provide information for our international bank wire procedures.  To request international bank wire transfer procedures please email .  Our fax number is: 001-617-442-3456 .

International Shipping

International orders are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service and transferred to the customer's country's postal service for delivery.  We calculate the shipping price based on the number of shoes ordered and the shipping destination.  A typical package to Europe costs about $35 to $45 USD. Your shipping charge is calculated automatically based on your order and on your address information.   We do NOT pay customs charges,  nor do we know what these charges might be for the customer's country.  When you place your order, you are assuming responsibility for these charges. 

We will be glad to take returns or exchanges on international orders, but we do not reimburse the shipping costs.  We encourage you to read our information about shoe fit, and we are delighted to chat with you via email about your style and size requirements.  You may also want to contact our expert Shoe Lady at

Within 3 business days after placing your order, you should receive a set of emails from us.  These emails tell you the status of your order, the total price (including shipping) and ask you to reply to confirm that you will accept the delivery and pay any applicable local customs duty.  When we receive your confirmation, we approve the shoes for shipping.  

If you prefer to use your own United Parcel Service (UPS), FEDEX, DHL or AIRBORNE account, please let us know via email:  ( ).

Important: Shipping charges are non-refundable.


  • We assemble the shoes for the order and ship them together, to save you money.
  • We require a verified credit card or a bank wire to cover the order
  • We don't pay customs or duties. They are charged by your country. We do not know what those charges might be. Call your local post office to check.
  • We ship via government post office unless otherwise requested.
  • We don't refund shipping charges.